Zuckerberg is Suing Native Hawaiians to get them off his 700 Acre Island

Zuckerberg is Suing Native Hawaiians to get them off his 700 Acre Island

Mark Zuckerberg is going full heel, and I don’t hate it (for the purposes of this blog).

Source – The billionaire spent $100 million purchasing 700 acres of land in the island of Kauai back in 2014 and is still dealing with the fact that he doesn’t actually have the exclusive rights to all of it. 

Sounds nasty, right?

The lawsuits, filed in Hawaii’s state Circuit Court on Dec. 30, are looking to identify local people’s claims to land within the area he owns — the Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported Wednesday — to force a sale of those properties. 

Zuckerberg is leveraging Hawaii’s “quiet title” law, which allows rightful ownership of land to be decided before a judge. If co-owners do not agree to terms, the land can be auctioned. 

News of the lawsuit came out shortly after reports indicated the CEO added about $5 billion to his fortune in the first two weeks of this year, so you can take a quick guess at who would win in an auction. 

Idk what I’ve done so right for the blogging gods to smile down at me with this story. Right before my eyes, Mark Zuckerberg is turning into an honest to god super villain (see part 1 of hist transformation here). It’s actually amazing the route he is on. This is some straight out of a movie type of stuff.

First off, he bought this island knowing DAMN well that he would have to deal with the native people. They probably showed him pictures of their homes. The fact that he has some legal loop hole in his corner is some straight up Shooter McGavin type of evil. Oh btw, he is worth $5 billion more than when he bought the islands.

So it looks like we’re going to need to start a GoFundMe for these guys. I’ll chip in a fiver and you got the rest of it right?

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