Let’s Get Nuts: Genderless Nipple Account Driving Instagram Insane

Let’s Get Nuts: Genderless Nipple Account Driving Instagram Insane

Nipples are banned on Instagram. Well, female nipples. But what if the whole picture is a nipple? MY BLOG.

It’s stories like these that keep me young. Just when I think the internet has hurdled its weirdest of weird at me, it comes back with one of these genderless SOBs. In all seriousness, I want to meet the beautiful mind that came up with this. The absolute definition of thinking outside the box. Get this person to SpaceX, NASA, or to my ETrade account immediately! On second thought, whoever came up with this was hella high. Maybe some DMT but most likely some good old edible THC. Dude was up with Jupiter when he came up with this.

So the real question is how does Instagram handle this? I mean, it’s not the lawless abyss that is Twitter. You can’t have nipples running wild! Although that would turn the whole Instagram model situation on its head. Among the heavy hitters, your +1M, it would be a waiting game to see who shows their *ahem* cards first.

What sucks is this is all for naught. There is no way Instagram bends the knee on this one. As we speak Zucks is probably hunting down the owners of this account and getting ready to throw them into some Vietcong camps. Can’t look weak Zucks, especially with the trial going on. In fact, someone better check up on the ZeniMax guys. I’m moving them up to the number #1 spot for this account. I can only imagine Zucks now asking for a break in the trial to test and see if any ZeniMax nipples match up to the ones posted.

2017 man. Gearing up to be a wild ride.

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