Vine to Shut Down Today

Vine to Shut Down Today

Don’t be happy because it’s over, smile because it happened. We’ll miss you Vine. For all the short 6 second laughs you gave us, and most importantly, for eventually forcing Instagram to have video. It’s like a barely knew ye. I still remember asking my professor for a Social Networks class if Vine would be big. He gave you an “eh” so I guess he was right.

Your only sin was letting that loathsome Twitter take ahold of you. Hey it looked good at the time. Like Angelina Jolie and Billy Joel Thorton it, well actually they were always a very odd couple. I mean she wore a vial of his blood around her neck. Creepy goth shit man. Anyways, who would have guessed that Twitter would have never really gotten their shit together by 2017? I mean we all┬ásay that coming. Like everyone except you because they were giving you $30 mil in cold hard cash. I digress, we’ll miss you you sweet bastard you.

Onto the part you’ve really been waiting for, here are some funny vines (in memoriam):


I would post more, but I just realized that posting this at almost 11 pm on the day of shutting down Vine means they have one glorious hour in the moonlight. Cheers.

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