Resident Evil 7 Spoilers have Leaked

Resident Evil 7 Spoilers have Leaked

This is the year 2017 guys and gals. Resident Evil 7 is coming out soon and we already have the story leaked. Be assured that I’m not going to be dropping any spoilers here. If you REALLY want to see the spoilers then click here. I just barely skimmed these because I couldn’t stand not know (major FOMO) and ….. idk what is happening. Skimmed guys. Just skimmed.

So since I couldn’t see the whole story, here’s my totally not real, fake, not a spoiler at all, spoilers:

First off, Umbrella Corporation somehow has fucked up this family. They look like a Texas Chainsaw Massacre family. From the clips in the trailer, they might actually be them. I’d even put my money on one of them being a former Umbrella worker and took home part of their work. That thing they show wondering the tunnels, a la most recent American Horror Story, was probably their kid who grabbed the wrong bottle from the fridge. Also, Wesker is hidden in that house. Wesker is like the Bowser of Resident Evil, no matter what he will come up.

We’ll say 5 to 1 odds that Leon or Valentine (she died right? I can’t keep up with all this shit) or some other big character comes back. Maybe the president’s daughter? All grown up?

I want to say there is going to be a dramatic last battle that will end with you shooting a crazy virused up Wesker, but this Resident Evil seems a little low key. You’ll probably just stab that tunnel monster with an ice pick. Definitely getting a quick time event for that.

Bonus: Somehow this is a prequel to Until Dawn. I might have only seen a couple of second of footage, but that tunnel thing kinda looks like the wendigos in Until Dawn. They both stay underground and they both look butt ugly. That is a solid case. Probably see some Umbrella Corp guy going on a ski trip and dropping a vial.

Extra Bonus: Always forget the Rami Malek is in that game. Dude can play weird and kinda creepy.


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