Halo Might Make a Mega Bloks game

Halo Might Make a Mega Bloks game

Source –┬áLately, there’s been a lot of buzz around footage PtoPOnline posted of a scrapped, Mega Bloks-themed Halo action game. Why did it get the axe when its mix of shooting and construction looks like a blast to play? You’re not about to get that exact title, but you might see something like it in the future. In a news update acknowledging the leaked game (known internally as Project Haggar), current Halo developer 343 Industries has said that there may be a game “along these lines” as a result of all the “positive support and feedback” from fans watching the Mega Bloks clip.

Look what you went and did Lego. Now we got Mega Bloks running around doing Halo. Next thing you know we’re doing a Resident Evil Mega Bloks game.

This is straight up weird. It’s like the cutest little murder spree ever. This Lego style works for some of the classic movies that we’ve grown up with. Most of those movies weren’t totally about killing…… okay maybe they were. Still it feels so bootleg to go with Mega Bloks. Call me elitist, but Mega Bloks are definitely bootleg. It’s like getting a Chanel purse from Canal Street in NYC. Like I said, this is going to open the doors to some crazy video game Lego-like styles that will come about. So here’s my top three:

  1. Resident Evil
  2. Deep Space
  3. Battlefield 1
  4. Anything that is over the top bloody

I don’t think cute murder sprees in Lego like form will ever not be funny. Maybe they are on to something.

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