Totally Hypothetical Question: Is It Weird for Two Guys to Go to Ariana Grande Concert?

Totally Hypothetical Question: Is It Weird for Two Guys to Go to Ariana Grande Concert?

Here is a totally hypothetical question for all you peoples out there. Is it weird for two guys to go to an Ariana Grande concert? Let me walk you down my hypothetical rabbit hole.

About a month ago, a friend offered me, ah, I mean another friend offered another one of my friends if he would go to an Ariana Grande concert with him (close call). Normally its an easy yes to going to most concerts. They are fun, and a reason to have some over priced suds and some parking lot pints. My girl Ariana Grande is a different monster.

Ariana is a girl caught in the middle of the spectrum for me. On one side, you have Taylor Swift. The laaaadies love her. If you’re a guy at her concert, you probably just get dirty looks from half the girls who just broke up with their BF. So this end of the spectrum is a type of concert that two guys could certainly not go to. Just weird. I think the ushers would ask you why you are there and kick you out if you said it was a guys night.

Now there is another end to the spectrum that we will simply call Rihanna. As a man who has seen some things on the internet, nothing gets me (and most of the nation male or female) going like a new Rihanna song. They get us collectively going, because we know that music video going to show Rihanna shaking, gyrating, and most likely humping air. Some of her music videos and photos need a NSFW tag. So lets safely say, two guys could easily go to that concert judgement free.

So Ariana is somewhere in the middle of this scale of man concert going ness. We’ll call it the Britney Spears Memorial Scale. Britney might not be dead but her career is so the memorial stays. Now Ariana is DEFINITELY trending to the Rihanna side of the scale. Let the record show the song Side to Side was mentioned in context of dick bicycles. Also that she’s talking about not being able to walk right after sex (sidenote: she definitely made that song while her and Mac Miller were not a thing yet but totally doing it. Must feel GREAT for your superstar GF to make a song about that after you started going to the dance).

BUT WAIT! She still has the whole girl power vibe going. Let the record show her talking about some guy calling her a piece of meat on FB. This time. Big time brownie points with the laaaadies. Not a good sign for guys trying to go to her concerts to see her.

So this is a real predicament. What is the call here? Should my friend, who is totally not me, go or is that one step away from being put on blast by Social Justice Warriors on the internet.

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