Nintendo Switch News Round Up

Nintendo Switch News Round Up


Since you’ve no doubt seen a lot of news for the Switch already, I’ll run down the big points from the latest news:

  • The release date is March 3rd and the price is set at $299 (includes the system with the two, left and right, Joy controllers)
  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild will also be a launch title.
  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Wii U was also Mario Kart 8) will come April 8th.
  • Super Mario: Odyssey (newest Mario standalone) will be coming fall/winter 2017.
  • One set of Joy controllers can be used for two player games, that group of games is being called 1-2 Switch.
  • Arms is a new Joy controller game coming on launch
  • Also, new Splatoon 2 w/ launch.

Besides the release date and pricing, this was mostly a run down on what titles would be available for launch. Here’s the trailers for the up coming games:

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe:


Zelda: BotW


Super Mario: Odyssey


Splatoon 2


1-2 Switch




The game lineup is looking pretty solid for the Switch. Along with these titles, we’re getting s Skyrim port. I need an new Smash Bros like I need air at this point. The Switch was made to rock out on some Smash. Being able to go anywhere with it is a solid plus. I still want to see some other type of FPS on the Switch besides Splatoon. In fact, if the Switch gets Overwatch, I’m calling it and saying the Nintendo wins this round of consoles.

The one thing that just blew my mind is high schoolers will literally be able to play a full system in the school. I remember having a Game Boy and thinking I was this shit. Kids are going to be Mario Karting in study hall. Also, being a teacher in today’s day and age of technology is borderline impossible.


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