Pit People Shaping Up to be Great

Pit People Shaping Up to be Great


Pit People by Behemoth has just entered their early access. You’ll be seeing a lot of streams of it come this Friday, but for now I think GameSpot and a couple of others have the early early access. Here’s a link to Gamespot’s here.

It was only yesterday I was wondering why hasn’t their been another Castle Crashers game. From the looks of Pit People, I’m happy they haven’t been working on another Castle Crashers (although, now that they are freed up…). If you’re a fan of Advance Wars and Fire Emblem then this is going to be the game for you.

Just watch the opening to this bad boy. The style and humor alone let you know that Behemoth is all up in this one. The space bear crashing into Earth and forever ruining it is a story as old as time (seriously, that’s the story watch the video). You being a humble blueberry farmer is also choice.

Still crazy at how long the Behemoth team has really been at it. I always forget that they were mostly the guys behind New Grounds. For everyone born after 1997, New Grounds was the shit. Alien Hominid was the shit. Castle Crashers, le shit. Battleblock Theater, never played it but still the shit. Pit People, looking like the shit.

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