Scalebound Cancelled

Scalebound Cancelled

Source – Scalebound is no more. Platinum’s Xbox exclusive has been canceled by Microsoft, killing the dream of a Devil May Cry–meets–Last Guardian mashup. What a shame. I saw the game behind closed doors on two separate occasions and was left positively smitten with the concept. It centered on Drew, an arrogant, headphone-loving twenty-something lost in a world filled with dragons. With Thuban, an eventual friend and fire-breathing combat partner, he would scour floating islands and decimate mythical enemies large and small. Throughout the game you would control them both, slashing as Drew and throwing out commands to Thuban.

Bummer. I mean I wasn’t really looking forward to this game, but from the looks of it, people were excited to see how it would be. Maybe it was the fact that this article sold me on it more than the videos I  watched. This was a very Devil May Cry type of game. While I did like most of the Devil May Cry games, this just seems different. I guess having the big dragon roaming around behind you throws me off. I’m even convinced that I would get over it once I started playing the game. Still it’s a shame.

This also brings up some problems for studio PlatinumGames. They have the juggernaut that is Bayonetta. Their other games are kinda blah. Not a good look for them to have to cancel this one. Also, seems like they just couldn’t put the game together. They were really behind schedule which pushed the launch and eventually killed the game. Best of luck guys/gals cuz the night is dark and full of terrors.

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