My Love Fest w/ Nintendo Switch Continues: Switch will cost $250

My Love Fest w/ Nintendo Switch Continues: Switch will cost $250

Source – Nintendo Switch doesn’t seem likely to be as much of a strain on your wallet as new consoles usually are.

Nintendo Switch will retail for around ¥25,000 in Japan, according to a Nikkei report.

The price point would position the Switch as cheaper than the Basic model Wii U at launch (¥26,250) and much more affordable than current release hardware like PS4 Pro (¥44,980).

As translated by Engadget, the financial paper didn’t cite an insider source for the figure, merely indicating a ballpark for the Switch’s likely RRP.

Nevertheless it’s interesting, because when it comes to Nintendo Nikkei has excellent sources, often scooping announcements. If it is confident enough in the figure to go public with it, even without a source, it’s worthwhile taking into consideration for your Switch launch budget plans.

¥25,000 is about $213 at current exchange rates, but that doesn’t mean we can expect the Switch to go for that amount in the US. Regional prices are set dependent on a number of factors including taxes, currency fluctuations and local economies; just look at the discrepancy between UK and European game and hardware prices, for example.

Anyway, we’ll all find out about it when Nintendo hosts a proper Switch launch reveal event this week.

Quick update on my love fest that is the Nintendo Switch. It looks like this bad boy is going to go for $250. This is awesome for all of us in the real world who can’t just drop the $400 for just a console.

Also, I’m going to put on my financial and hot take hat, Nintendo must be doing pretty well. If I remember correctly, Mario Run hit 10 million downloads in 24 hours. It took Clash Royale, from Clash of Clans company Supercell, 7 days to hit that figure. Also, you can realistically say about 10% of those people paid for the rest of the game. So that is 1 million people giving you $10 million dollars on day 1. Know it will of course slow down, but Nintendo has made the wise choice of using it’s IP to make some money in the mobile market.

This of course lessens the burden of a system that has to make a significant chunk of change. Playstation and Xbox don’t have the powerful IP that Nintendo has ingrained to its company. They have to charge for their new systems. Nintendo will keep supplementing their income with these mobile games and their for put their consoles at a better price point. You have to remember that consoles are fighting mobile gaming for consumer money. Making a cheaper therefore reasonably priced console will help Nintendo gain some ground and momentum.

Last note, it is also telling how mobile Nintendo has made the Switch. They’re trying to ease their way into the mobile gaming arena by making their own platform too. Hottest of takes for the day: Nintendo makes a phone in the future.

Still reading well here is your reward, Mei Bae

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