Nvidia CEO says Nintendo Switch will “Blow you Away”

Nvidia CEO says Nintendo Switch will “Blow you Away”

Source – ┬áThe Nintendo Switch hybrid console will be more fully detailed this week during a Nintendo briefing. Ahead of that, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang has spoken out to say the system is going to blow you away in terms of what Nintendo has been able to achieve with its “dedication to their craft.”




As announced previously, the Switch runs on Nvidia technology.


Good lord this has given me a woody. I feel like an old school college football fan. I need Nintendo back. It’s my Nebraska Football. Just need the nostalgia factor when I’m playing. That’s the biggest problem with playing PS4 or Xbox. I don’t have that extra nostalgia factor.

Also related, love Huang pushing that merch. I was reading that article and nodding my head like a dope. I was totally convinced that a peer in the industry was just praising a really good product. Actually killed me that they put in that little disclaimer that Nvidia runs the Switch. I wanted to live in my own little bubble where they were rooting for each other. Its a cold world man, a cold cold world.

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