I’m Very Pumped About Cyberpunk 2077

I’m Very Pumped About Cyberpunk 2077


So not breaking news, Cyberpunk 2077 is in development. I (and I assume a vast majority) don’t really know what the game is going to be about. Well, fun fact for everyone, this game was actually an old pencil and paper RPG waaaaaaay back in the day (1988 which actually isn’t that far back). Essentially, we’re getting an RPG with this game.

I think the crazy part is what the story will center around. We’re basically getting a crazy version of Blade Runner. People in 2077 have started to modify their bodies. With each mod, they get a little bit more out of touch with their old self aka their humanity. Eventually, a modder loses it and goes on a rampage killing everyone because they think they are a god or something like that. Hard and fast rule I live by: dystopian futures with people who mod themselves into robots and then kill everybody is a game for me.

Anyways, pretty excited to see more and more of this game which is being made by CD Projekt RED aka the guys and gals who made Witcher 3. Prettay prettay excited.

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