Please Don’t Be Bad: Star Citizen Edition

Please Don’t Be Bad: Star Citizen Edition

Source –┬áThe crowdfunded PC space game Star Citizen starts the New Year with a big number: $141 million. That’s how much money the ambitious title has brought in from backers

Not only that, but developer Cloud Imperium Games boss Chris Roberts has released a “Happy New Year” statement in which it talked about some of its plans for Star Citizen in the New Year.

In his statement, Roberts started off by saying efforts will be made to refine and enhance the game’s engine, Lumberyard. Just before the New Year, the developer announced that it was moving on from Crytek’s CryEngine and instead use Amazon’s engine.

Please, please lord do not let Star Citizen suck.

I mean look at this:


okay just scrub through that, it’s kinda a lot. I (and likely you too) have watched so much awesome footage of Star Citizen. Let me establish now, that I’m pretty sure this is going to be a good game. Unlike other suspect space exploration titles *cough*fucking No Man’s fucking Sky*cough* I’m a little weary on this whole “exploration is the whole game” model. I think that provides some kind of fun but isn’t an end all be all. Although, games like GTA V have found a way to keep themselves around with their online mode. I mean, to the point that there’s suppose to be DLC for GTA V single player that they didn’t get to because of the loads of money coming in.

So this is my humble plea. I think the guarantee of a really good triple A (which I feel you become after you’ve been given $141 million to make) game has gone away. People have changed. We expect a lot more from games than we did in the past. I remember from a video game class I took in college that compared them to art (I dropped out of that class because the most annoying person at my whole college was in the class, but that is a story for another time). I think we’re starting to get to this whole respected form of media.

Got a little of subject there, I just want one title to deliver this year. #NeverNoMansAgain

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