Rating Games I Don’t Have a Beta Key For: Astroneer

Rating Games I Don’t Have a Beta Key For: Astroneer

Here is something new for you scamps. I will graciously offer up my expert opinion on games that I not only haven’t played but that I’ve only seen played on YouTube. I know, you’re probably wondering why the sprawling media conglomerate that is Glorious Upgrades™ can’t just use it’s hefty weight to get some great Beta keys? Well it’s because that would break all the fun of me watching a couple of YouTube videos and shooting from the hip with some hot takes. So without further ado:






So this is pretty much the No Man’s Sky game that people wanted. Seriously how happy are these guys that No Man’s Sky pretty much destroyed every gamer’s heart earlier this year. This game was just released on early access to Steam and early videos are looking pretty good. The crafting system is pretty cool. You can grab most elements you need right out of the earth (it’s still technically earth right? That’s just latin for “dirt” so I think we gucci) and are even able to smelt some elements to make more complex materials. Also the teether system that they made for the game is challenging without seeming too constricting.

I think the coolest part is base construction. This was something that everyone was really bummed about when the aforementioned No Man’s Sky came out. The base building in this game is what the whole game centers on. There’s no way to move from one planet to the other without having to build up your base to the point of a spaceship. That spaceship allows you to travel from planet to planet with some of your supplies. The beta only has one of each planet (from the videos I’ve seen because I don’t got no stinking key). It will be interesting to see what direction they go with the planets i.e. try to have lots like No Man or have a couple of set planets with the goal of…. colonizing?

That always kind of annoys me with these games. I know we’re suppose to explore and figure out all the shit, but I’d like to have some kind of objective. I think there’s a lot of potential for this game story wise if they wanted to. Most likely though, this game will be without a story and just focus on the exploration.

I have to touch on how much this game seems like the No Man’s Sky people wanted. I also have to talk about the abomination that was No Man’s Sky. As you might know, The Ol’ GU site wasn’t up and running when the most infamous overhyped game ever came out. The fallout was like watching a rally car go crashing into the cheap seats of a race. From everything that happened, it seems like the challenge of having a quintuple, no idea how many that is, different planets really fucked up the whole game. I know nothing about game dev. The only thing I really get is that follow a linear path are full of bugs, let alone a game with randomly generated planets in the millions of thousand hundreds. They simply could not deliver on the promise of a bug free exploration AND all the multiplayer, base building etc. etc. Truthfully too, after watching a couple of demos, I remember kind of giving a “so what” to all the exploration and discover in No Man’s Sky. You never really get anything important for all your toil of naming new rats and dinosaurs. With all the planets promised too, would everyone really every encounter your discoveries? There was always a whole lot of questions for that game that never really got answered and seemed to end up being problems.

For all those who scrolled to the bottom”


This is a new segment where I rate games I haven’t played. Astroneer looks like what everyone wanted No Man’s Sky to be.

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