RIP: Escalade (5 years later)

RIP: Escalade (5 years later)

Bad news guys, Escalade is dead. Worse news, he’s been dead for 5 years.

Being on top of my Instagram (follow¬†the Glorious Upgrades Insta fools), I’ve been mesmerized by this clip:


Of note: I couldn’t find the original Instagram clip but it was made from this youtube of his highlights. Idk when this became hot on the Instastreets but I remember seeing it post at least a couple of times a week with the same “Look at the Big Fella Move!” and “Jammed on by 3 bills” captions. It was amazing, mesmerizing, and as a former big fella as a kid (big fella life never leaves you; fact), little sense of pride.

Well guess whose world came crumbling down this morning? I was in that early morning scrolling that I flicked an arrow through my chubby fella heart. This is the arrow that killed a piece of me:

What. The. Fuck. Get that hashtag out of my face. Cold sweat hit me as I thought 2016 had claimed another mega superstar. I ran through the stages of grieving during my morning piss. I accepted the situation with my last drop. Being the stout journalist freelance writer, I had to look up how this tragedy unfolded. Then the last shoe in this tense soap opera/morning fell.

Screen Shot 2016-12-29 at 4.31.10 PM.png

I have been watching a dead man jam on fools for the past week. My husky hero was gone as fast as you could blink. He was just a glimmer in my eye in nothing more than an hour. Life comes at you fast sometimes, and sometimes, it takes away 375 lbs. 6 ft. 10 in. freaks of nature that had the moves of Clyde the Glide and the authority of the big Aristotle. I’m going to have to break out some memorial And1 gear in honor of Troy “Escalade” Jackson. Sad, sad year. UPDATE THAT SGT. PEPPERS PHOTO DAMMIT!

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