RIP: Carrie Fisher

RIP: Carrie Fisher

Source – Actress Carrie Fisher, whose grit and wit made “Star Wars'” Princess Leia an iconic and beloved figure to millions of moviegoers, died Tuesday in Los Angeles. She was 60.

This is some sad shit news. I’m sure everyone has heard all sorts of stories about Carrie by now. That’s more what I want to focus on. I had no idea Carrie did half the things they talked about. Carrie Fisher fucking balled out like a player. She was a script doctor, actor, and a comedian. That is ridiculous. Let me be clear, she wasn’t some blogger punching up a script and sending it into directors to show that she could make it in the biz, she was a legit honest to god script doctor. I just tried to look up what scripts she worked on, and reminded me that she was also a award winning novelist. God DAMN Carrie. LET ME BREATHE. But seriously, she worked on Hooked, Lethal Weapon 3, The Wedding Singer, and the Sister Act. Crazy. Oh and here award winning novel was her semi-autobiographical novel, Postcards from the Edge. Bangarang motherfucker.

You can’t leave out her other appearances on movies and TV like 30 Rock (sorry for the potato quality):


She was John Belushi’s crazy girlfriend:

I was going to post a couple more, but there is literally too many (I’m lazy).

I’m gonna officially start this convo though, what happens for the next Star Wars movies? Carrie was going to be a big part of those. She was General Leia “Mad Ewok” Skywalker. She was leading the new rebels (they were new rebels right? I can’t remember that part of the plot because it felt like watching one of the backup dancers in an early 2000s Britney Spears music video, you didn’t notice them). This must KILL what Abrahams had planned. It is going to suck to hear years from now what the original story was going to be. Lets be clear about one thing, you can’t replace her. That thought just whaffed through my nog and that could never happen. Star Nerds and Sith Geeks would be tearing down Disney. They would amass and internet army that would make 4chan look like a Gamecube Super Smash Bros. Melee LAN party.

Late breaking and weirdly touching update: players from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic have gathered outside House Organa on Alderaan to pay respects. You can see it here. (It’s a picture, not an actual link to inside the game. My budget is not that big.)

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