Tracer is Gay: FanFic Rejoices

Tracer is Gay: FanFic Rejoices

Source – THE MAKER of one of the year’s most popular video games has confirmed that one of its characters is gay, and fans are responding with excitement — and a few reservations.

“Overwatch,” the role-playing shooter game launched by Blizzard Entertainment in May, this week published an online holiday comic that depicts Tracer — the twin-pistol hero who’s effectively the video game’s mascot — in a relationship with her female roommate.

Blizzard told IGN in a statement that “Tracer is a lesbian on the LGBTQ+ spectrum.” She is the game’s first known gay character.







Unless you follow anyone of the millions of Overwatch Instagram accounts. The actual story itself doesn’t even shake me. Not one little flaming hot take to be had about a main character in this widely popular video game being gay. I think the store is more how smart Blizzard is. They saw their opportunity and they took their shot. Just an easy lay up really. Every die hard fan of Overwatch has pretty much decided that Tracer is gay. Even kinkier, they decided that Widowmaker and Tracer are doing it. Seriously, look through the tags. I’ll wait.

So the real question is which guy is going to be gay. There is no way they don’t make another character gay. Blizzard folded to the mob with Tracer, they are going to fold like pocket deuces. So, for you and your friends pleasure, here are the odds on the guy overwatch characters:

McCree or Genji 3/2 odds: I have to give McCree and Genji the best odds. First off, people putting both of these two in the same Widowmaker/Tracer situation. People love Genji’s butt and he’s already in a skin tight costume (or you know… that’s his metal body), and I just have the feeling that they pull one of the most macho guys to the other side to re-enforce different gender identity blah blah blah. Look, I just want to be right and call this big upset. I’m more confident that they would pick Genji, but I’m gonna cash in big with this McCree bet. We’re talking fuck you money with this bet. Or maybe just some smug internet points. Real smug.

Reinhart/Roadhog/Junkrat/Lucio 5/1 odds: We’ll call this tier 2. Roadhog and Junkrat’s story are inseparable. Make them gay and you have a new age post apocalyptic Thelma and Louise. We’re talking big time blockbuster. Gotta follow the money folks. Ol’ Reinhart being fabulous could work out. Dude is built like a brick house. Don’t have much else to go on, but I got that feeling. Lucio is from Brazil. I feel like being gay down in Brazil isn’t too big a deal. Either that or they hate it, I always forget which. Anyways, maybe gay.

Soldier 76/Reaper/Hanzo/Torbjorn 20/1 odds: I’ve seen way to many fanfic pics
(say that five times fast) of Reaper and Soldier being dads. Call me old fashion, I just can’t see them as gay. Because I have Genji as one of the front runners, I’m putting Hanzo at shit odds. Yea I know people make some of those weird stories for those two, but fuck that. Then we come to the best payout, Torbjorn. He is my dark horse of this race. Torbjorn would be one of the biggest upsets these eyes have ever seen. The fanfic alone would be worth it. I’ll have to flesh this one out.

Winston/Bastion/Zenyatta N/A: I can’t get into that level of kink. These guys are not in play.

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